Morning Great, Afternoon

…not so much. The presenters have been very solid or impressive this morning, but things have dropped off a bunch this afternoon. Too much generality, too little hard content from quite a few. The other lesson I’ve picked up is the need to be prepared for potentially hostile questions - a few people have been all at sea when any remotely curly questions, much less challenged outright.

I ended up not blogging one session because it was just too mediocre. I was also surprised how little Waving was happening; I went from a full noise, balls-to-the-wall environment with people multiediting the sessions on day one (which was the Wave miniconf, so duh), to being the only one Waving most of the sessions on the Sysadmin and Storage tracks I was attending. It was… odd. The waves are just braindumps that look, well, a lot like these blog entries for obvious reasons.

(Incidentally, if you’re wondering why articles are appearing the past even as you read it’s because I’m tidying up my notes from when they were taken and hitting publish.)