Integrating External Apps with Wave

PlonieBot is in the early stages of development

Can pull content from Plone nets, but can’t yet put it back. This, obviously, is the most obvious weakness of the tool. Code will be open sourced.

Python based. Python is allegedly the easiest way. Wave IDs are hard, which is why two-way stuff isn’t working so well yet.

User creates a wave and adds to the wave; this acts as the gateway.

“Code for getting the content and adding to the wave is trivial - a few lines and you’re done.”

Plone is not the only system that utilises XMLRPC - Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress all support, so other bots could use the same process.

Another one; OpenAusBot. Offers JSON or XMLRPC APIs, allows member/Hansard lookups.

A wave can respond with answers to queries as part of the conversation. You can create a wave for OpenAusBot, as who your rep is, get a response, ask questions about their Hansard speeches (for example), and have it auto-reply with relevant information. This opens up the idea of, for example, rich conversations with clients about Plone work for them, or other extranetting of conversations about information.