Peter and the Wolf

Ahh, nostalgia. I was drawn into a record store and was browsing the classical section when I was hit with childhood memories of the Dick Weir Show and happy Sundays lying in bed listening to Bad Jelly the Witch, Benny Hill’s Ernie, and Peter and the Wolf. What, I asked myself, could be finer than passing on a little of that bliss?

Unfortunately I was buggered if I could remember who composed the last of these, I rung Maire, who was able to supply the answer; Prokofiev. As it happened, I was in luck; the store had a couple of different recordings to chose from - well, sort of. One was narrated by Barry Humphries in his Dame Edna persona, so that was off the list. The second, a Naxos recording with Jeremy Nichols narrating, has been taking me back to that happy place all afternoon. I hope Ada enjoys it as much as I do.