In my quest to get my music library both more accessible and higher quality than MP3s (but slightly more storage-friendly than raw WAV files), I’ve been thinking about re-reripping stuff into FLACS (amusingly enough, so has Stephen; great minds and all).

Random wrangling over at a PublicAddress discussion was my tipping point; one thing that quickly irritated me was discovering that my favourite ripper (grip) had a bunch of stupid defaults that encoded FLACs with no track or artist metadata, ID3 or otherwise.

Happily it turns out there is an answer, although I needed to modify it a little:

MP3 command-line: -V -T TITLE='%n' -T ALBUM='%d'  -T TRACKNUMBER=%t -T ARTIST='%a -T GENRE='%G' -T CDDB=%i' -T DATE=%y -o %m %w


MP3 command-line: -V -T TITLE=%n -T ALBUM=%d  -T TRACKNUMBER=%t -T ARTIST=%a -T GENRE=%G -T CDDB=%i -T DATE=%y -o %m %w

…or you end up with single quotes scattered amidst your metadata.